Leather Industrial Work Hand Safety Welding Sleeves / Safety Welder Sleeves

Filing and Grinding Sleeves

Made of Cowhide Split Leather.
One Size Fits All (Customized Length Available).
Elastic Strap with Hook Closure.
Leather Welder Sleeves are made using heavy-duty split leather which is extremely durable, flame resistant, and offers excellent protection from welding spatters and dross, and other welding hazards.

The sleeves have adjustable Elastic / webbing straps and all seams are sewn with heat-resistant Kevlar® thread.

Benefits of Welder Sleeves

Provide protection. Whether you weld regularly or just occasionally, you need to wear protective gear that prevents serious injuries, including burns, and welding sleeves are a good way to safeguard your arms.
Easy to use. Welding sleeves easily slide over your arms and cover your wrists, forearms, and biceps. They typically have elastic and are adjustable to accommodate the size of your limbs.
Versatile. People use welding gloves and welding sleeves for various purposes, from gardening to woodworking and grilling. They’re a good investment because you can wear them for a wide range of activities.

Hand Sleeves / Safety Welder Sleeves can use For

Grinding Safety
Welding Safety
Filing Safety


Customize Logo and Custom Designs are being offered for Hand Sleeves / Safety Welder Sleeves.

We use Best Materials for Hand Sleeves / Safety Welder Sleeves to produced Good Quality safety ware and offer them at reasonable prices.

Offered Materials are: Cowhide Leather, Buffalo Leather, etc.