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Turbinator Mechanic Gloves in Black Color Vibration Reducing Gloves FH10183


  • Turbinator Mechanic Glove.
  • Vibration Reducing Gloves.
  • Anti-Vibration Gloves.
  • Anti-slip gloves.
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Turbinator Mechanic Gloves in Black Color Vibration Reducing Gloves


  1. Vibration Reducing Gloves Silicone printed (anti-slip) made of synthetic leather provides more durability and excellent grip.
  2. Inside Gel Padded to Reduce Vibration.
  3. Hexagonal Memory – absorbs vibrations from wind turbines and tools, while minimizing the effects that can lead to hand arm vibration syndrome and carpal tunnel.
  4. Synthetic leather reinforced the thumb crotch.
  5. Shared elastic wristband.
  6. Neoprene wrist with Hook and Loop Closure.


Neoprene wrist with hook and loop closure.

Includes wind resistance as well as breath-ability and comfort.

Available in Lining for Winter Season as Per Customer Demands.

Size: S – XXL.


Turbinator Anti-Vibration Gloves winter insulated windproof glove has design Hexagonal Memory Gel pads that absorb vibration from impact along with an extra layer for warmth and a tacky silicone surface to help climb up wind turbines. Dexterity Able to handle small items with ease. Reinforced area between thumb and index finger is additional thumb patch material and stitching. Ventilation prevents bacterial growth. Elastic wrist strap.

Features include: GEL polymer, water resistant and UV protection.

Designed based on feedback from the Turbine industry, the durable Neoprene glove construction adds resistance to wind, UV, and cold weather, while being able to flex with hand movement. The insulated interior lining keeps wind turbine hands warm and dry during operations.


Oil and gas industry, wind turbine, windmill industry, barrel/drum handling,Turbinator Mechanic Gloves, impact and power tools, box handler,Vibration Reducing Glove, drilling/mining, pit crew.


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