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High Visibility Traffic Safety Gloves FH4641


  1. Safety Green Gloves.
  2. Traffic Safety Gloves.
  3. Reflective Tape.
  4. Reflective Gloves for Traffic Control.
  5. Duty Gloves.
  6. Protection Gloves.
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High Visibility Traffic Police Gloves Traffic Safety Gloves/  Reflective Tape

About this item:

  • Made of High Vis Cadora with Fleece Lining.
  • Reflector on Back.
  • Reinforcement Finger Tips and Patch Palm for Traffic Police Gloves.

Product Description:

The traffic Glove is used around the globe for many military units and SWAT teams. traffic Gloves serve a special purpose and is highly heat resistant. traffic Glove is the perfect choice when flame and flash protection is required. Aviator fire resistant flight gloves is the ultimate outdoor work gloves that you can wear comfortably while standing up to Great performance. traffic Gloves provide comfort, the fine tactile sense needed for flying, and functional safeguards from military specification modeling. We believe our offering of this product insures you the best quality.


  • Customize Logo and Custom Designs are being offered for Nomex Flight Gloves.
  • We use best quality of leather or flexible abrasion resistant  leather for Nomex Gloves /  Traffic Safety Gloves/ Reflective Gloves.
  • Nomex Gloves / Flight Gloves/ Duty Gloves are available in different colors as per customer’s requirements.


  • Extra small.
  • Small.
  • Medium.
  • Large.
  • Extra Large.
  • Double Extra Large.

It is best for:

  • Driving.
  • Riding.
  • Gardening.
  • Hunting.
  • Flying.


Traffic Police Gloves is also Available with Lining (Fleece, Thinsoulate Lining) for Winter Season.


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