Leather Welding Apron Jacket For Safety/ Mechanics Apron/ Heat Resistant

  • Welding Apron Jacket ,Heavy duty cowhide split leather,Anti-flame retardant and soft,fire,wear,insulated.
  • Safe and effective high collar protection,The use of high collar protection,can effectively protect the welding process caused by sputtering damage.
  • Easy belt with socket design,Simple jack design,according to the different size of the regulation.
  • Applied in welding, splash proof, heat resistant and other safe workplaces, protecting the arms and torso from welding spatter and heat.
  • Ideal choice as a carpenter apron,blacksmiths apron,garage apron,mechanics apron,gardening apron,farrier apron.


Provide protection. Whether you weld regularly or just occasionally, you need to wear protective gear that prevents serious injuries, including burns, and welding Jackets are a good way to safeguard your Upper Body.

Easy to use. Welding Jackets easily cover your Upper Body. They typically have Strap and are adjustable to accommodate the size of you.

Can use For

  • Grinding Safety
  • Welding Safety
  • Filing Safety


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  • We use Best Materials to produced Good Quality safety ware and offer them