Article NO# FH423O

Impact Protective Mechanic Gloves  Cut Resistant Gloves
Best Quality ANTI-IMPACT Synthetic Leather Gloves

Mechanic Gloves

Made of Synthetic Leather (Amara). Reinforcement Palm in Synthetic Leather with Silicon Printed for Non-slip and provides more Durability and Excellent Grip. Back Unique TPR (Rubber) Injected on Nylon Spandex Fabric. Full back of hand and finger Impact protections. Neoprene Wrist With Pull Tab. Size: S – XXL.


* Oil and Gas Industries
* Machinists / Mechanics
* Automotive
* Hand & Power Tools
* Shipping
* Drilling
* Mining
* Construction

Customized Logo and Custom Designs are being offered for TPR Mechanic Gloves.
We use the best quality of leather or flexible abrasion-resistant leather for TPR Mechanic Gloves.
Mechanic Gloves are available in different colors as per customer’s requirements.