Fire Retardant Shirt/ Flame Resistant Kevlar T-Shirt


  • Fire Retardant Shirt  100% Polyester Force Fabric Wicks Away Moisture For Comfort.Sewn-On Premium Reflective Striping.
  • Machine Wash with Cold Water.
  • Long sleeved for additional reflectivity and enhanced visibility.
  • Size:S-XXL.


The safety long-sleeved Shirt is equipped with high-visibility silver reflective strips, which can provide 360° reflected light waves in daylight or low-light environments so that you can stay visible anywhere and ensure your safety.The suit shirt vest is very suitable for the entire team, company, or family and individual purchase. The quantity is large and fits the size of most people. This is an important measure to provide safety insurance for your team or family.It is durable, breathable, lightweight. and can be wash under any conditions.Ideal for outdoor utilities, construction, volunteer, runways, subways, railways, highways, emergency rescuers, firefighters, security Staff,fee-paying staff, indoor and outdoor, day or night.